Wednesday, October 25, 2006

From Ellison

...a complete mastery of life is mere illusion, the real secret of the game is to make life swing."

Monday, October 16, 2006

Let's talk about...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Just Wanna Get To Know You...

Bobby Valentino stopped by to spread some love especially for HERSday today. He hooked up a lot of the ladies with the Bobby V Gift Basket. Uh huh it was crammed full of Carol's Daughter products (i jus luv that body souffle) and there was some Aveda stuff in there and just all kind of things to pamper and spread all over yourself while you're thinking 'bout Bobby V. Yeah that's why he got a kiss :-) So his new cd called Special occasion is coming out in November and he's giving a TEN song GUARANTEE(he had an 8 song guarantee with his previous/first cd)! But c'mon Bobby, a 10 song guarantee? That's some pretty serious swagger right there but i'm witcha! I know you put your music where your mouth is and you ARE Mr. R&B Singer with a DEGREE! Sup to everybody working on getting theirs right now too. Ahhh hah! The deejay and the R&B singer. Wonder what projects they're planning????
Oooh so tell me again about those new Bobby V Jeans coming out please. He said they will accommodate any and every sista-girl shape. He already took measurements from the two chicks that got him sandwiched-in. And we must not forget to mention the Bobby-Stilleto's that are coming soon. See dude has got a plan to parlay and parlay and parlay so he's plenty busy but hey Bobby baby, Slow Down 'cause i just wanna get to know you...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Room with a view

Ok so we watch and we learn...hopefully. Some of us just get older and some of us grow older, feel me?! So with that said and as we proceed to try and give you what you need let's observe. You know i almost wanna start a year-end wrap up even though there's a couple of months to go. What can i say but it's been a most difficult year. Sacrifice and Pain to the 10th power but we endure and we?????? Hmmmmm. Just thank GOD for GOD and for music. Yes night before last a dj saved my life. Oh yeah please add Lupe Fiasco and Justin T to your listening list. Both are crazy at nearly opposite ends of the cool spectrum so ya gotta check them because good sound is good sound no matter how you see it (almost brought out my i'm still mad at Justin for hanging Janet out to dry but his d**n cd is just so d**n funky so i surpressed those feelings and just listened). Shout out to the chef who looks a little like LL Cool J with a goatee (looking at him had me singing 'Doin it and Doin it and Doin it well' all in my mind) Sup G. Garvin with yo pretty round head and nice teeth LOL! Get his new book of recipes and G Notes ya'll it'll make a nice anytime gift. BTW don't forget to do SOMETHING for those we've lost or are still surviving with Breast Cancer. It's pink ribbon time...LOVE & LIFE!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Wire Transfer

Guest blogger alert. Yeah from time to time there will be a transfer of power ok LOL. After all, there's no such thing as "all by myself" when you really think about i get by with a little help from my friends. The following is your NeEd to KNoW list for now: That's Kellie Williams (she played Laura on that Urkel sitcom) she's one of my lil sisters and she's got a great "give back" thing going on in the schools. Her website has all the info ok. LuV you Kellie, luV what you are doing and tell Swervin' Irvin' i said come on UpGrade Me hahahaha! My other sista's in the flick are the tall talented Toi and the shorter but nonetheless equally talented Tiff! Holla if ya see us LOL! Real quick, a couple of other places on the web you nEEd to know about are: because they are tRULy MY family and they have the best SoUl food around ya dig. Also gotta check out my folks up in Jersey who's running things on the hip-hop infotainment tip - Peace & luv to ya Keyz, you know how i feel you unsung hero - SmiLE, i see U!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bad Girls...

Ooooh last night a lot of us good girls got together for our oNCe a month thing to go see u know what! Nope i doNT throw dollars at the dancers. Naww, i just sit back and enjoy the show. That's sexy Cobra and the former Nymphomaniac who's about to drop his book called Confessions of a Male Dancer. It hits shelves everywhere January 2007. Better hope you're not in it LOL!
Fine and mo-Fine. That's The Playboy and The Assasin. Those stage names sum it all up thank u. Got so hot in there, Playboy even gave me the shirt off his back. Yes i will wear it after i throw it in the wash ok. i Luv lookin' at ya'll ummmm.

Monday, September 25, 2006

It's Quick Quick Quick

That's my boo...check him out at Doesn't he just have a face for tv? That's why he just got a new gig on that LIVE Comcast sports show called Monday Night LIVE! Monday's at 7pm catch DJ Quicksilva rockin' the turntables (make that scratching with Serato) and while adding his two cents on the Redskins wrap-up sports show. Go Quick Quick Quick!!!!!!!

Ahhhhh Freak Out

Ahhh man it was a freaky night! Pic on tha right is with the erotic novel Queen ZAnE. The other one is Freaky Tye and Jermaine and the chick in between ain't pregnant ok, the shirt is puffy around the middle LOL. So what can i say about erotic authopreneur Zane and her Heat Seekers event the other night at the club ya'll? You missed one sexy grown event is what i'll say. Shout out to boxing promotor businessman Rock Newman, Carolina Kitchen owner Lance London, Comic Chris Thomas, Singer Jeffrey Walker, Sexocutioner/Model Logan (pose for me baby) and Bern'Nadette Stanis aka "Thelma" from Good Times. If i missed ya or didn't see ya in the place, blame it on those Kir Royales ok. Hey Ms. Zane hope you enjoyed your birthday girl, we had a BLaST!!!!!!